Safety of work and fire protection

The concept of occupational safety and health (OSH) is understood as a set of measures prescribed by law and by the employer to prevent threats to or damage to human health in the work process. Fire protection also.

Below are the activities that we can offer you in connection with the provision of OSH.

In CZ language it is “BOZP” shortcut


1) Classification of works – KHS decision
2) Risk register – list of risks and measures taken for individual activities in the company
3) Chemicals Register – CHL List, Safety Data Sheets Used by CHL
4) Traffic rules of the company
5) Internal storage regulations
6) Safety instructions for welding, pressure cylinders, handling of combustibles
7) Accompanying documentation for machinery and equipment in the event that replacement is not maintained by the Local Safety Precautionary Regulation
8) Ensuring the implementation of inspections and equipment inspections
9) Ensuring the allocation of OOPP, including + the processed list of OOPP based on assessed risks
10) Provision of Occupational Medical Services (Preventive Preventive Services), including professional examinations according to categorization of works
11) Basic curricula of OSH training according to the activities performed
12) Provision of professional training (VZV, ZZ, firemen, electricians, drivers, CHL – toxic, etc.)
13) Provision of first aid

Fire protection

1) Fire security solutions of buildings in the company
2) Incorporation of operations under fire hazard
3) Introducing the Fire Book
4) Organization guidelines – Determining the fire protection organization
5) Fire protection documentation (PPS, PR, PEP, Fire Report Order, etc.)
6) Thematic plan and timetable for training the fire protection (PPH, …)