Environmental consultancy and consultancy services

Waste management is becoming more and more advanced today, and it is hard to conceive in the constant changes in legislation.

For this reason, the EKOPOS company is providing consultancy and consultancy services throughout the scope of the Waste, Air, Water, Chemicals, Packaging and Road Transport Norms for the Transport of Dangerous Goods – for example, ADR / RID (the hazardous waste label must always be referred to as “hazardous waste”)

EKOPOS provides and provides advisory and consultancy services throughout the Czech Republic. Starting with the smallest companies, such as car repair shops, smaller pharmacies or nurseries, to larger companies such as construction companies for whom the knowledge of legislation is a necessity. We will help you change your mind about the environment from worries about a useful thing for us all.

The main objective of this service is to help our partners with the orientation in the legislation and its complete interpretation.

Consultancy and consulting activities are carried out for our clients by experienced staff who have many years of experience in the field. Experience is not just about theory, but also about practice. Our specialists regularly undergo training and are thus constantly acquainted with changes in legislation in all areas of the environment, and some issues themselves consult with the relevant authorities.

With separate client consulting visits, our customers are introduced not only to the new legislation, which is updated and implemented by itself through specific operations. but we also oversee the enforcement of existing legislation. We are able to represent our clients in the interest of the client when dealing with state administration bodies.

By mutual agreement, the intervals for visits to clients (eg 2 × 7 days, or once every 3 months)