About us

Our company has been on the Czech market since 2001 and we are cooperating with many companies. Most of our employees have been in the industry since 1994. The company's efforts since the beginning have been enforcing the market among multinationals. Our goal is to fill the gap as an intermediary between large companies dealing with waste management and the environment. Company EKOPOS and its relationship to the environment is primarily a gentle waste management and, above all, the ability to offer its customers the maximum possible use of these wastes. From the outset, we are aware of the responsibility towards our customers, which is increasingly burdened with the knowledge of legislation and customer requirements for comprehensive services. That is why we are still able to keep up with you, EU standards and valid legislation. And thanks to the many years of experience of our employees and the trust of our customers in complex services, we have embarked on a dynamic development path and have been able to find a firm place in the market.


Waste extraction and disposal


Environmental consultancy and consultancy services


Sales of containers and containers for waste collection


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